We’re entering the time of the year when many of us celebrate holidays that always offer too much food … hard to stick to any diet we’ve been on, right?

So let’s look at some food-related jokes that at least have no calories — heck, you might even laugh hard enough to shed a few!

How true is this first one?

Hey, folks! You know Halloween is tomorrow night, right? Goblins, ghosts, gruesome gnomes … at least there used to be. Best guess is that this year will be a lot different, but at least we can celebrate here virtually with some fun stuff!

I grew up in a family with a mother and a dad who were polar opposites in nearly every way. My mother was only 7 when her own mother died; she and her younger brother, who was only 6, were scarred for life. For them, fear was a constant companion, fear of more loss they couldn’t predict. The good that came their way too often had a “but” attached to it (even if they were the only ones who could hear it).

My dad grew up in a household full of enough; there were no traumas. They had enough food…

One day more of overeating.
I don’t know what else to do!
I am stuck at home with children
So I can’t hang out with you!

Quarantining is the new thing.
We’re all told to stay in place.
We are going slightly batty.
We find food to stuff our face!

One day more of using humor.
It’s essential for our health.
We are laughing; we are joking
No one’s sitting on the shelf!

One day closer to a triumph.
One day nearer to the end.
We will beat this lousy virus!
We will win out in the end!

And yes, the idea came from my favorite song in Les Mis …

I don’t know about you, dear readers, but sometimes I don’t know what day it is! Right now, with our schedules so interrupted, with our days turned topsy-turvy, with our calendars suddenly not including lunches with friends or physical networking opportunities … the days seem to blend together!

One constant is living with our furry friends, and I know how grateful I am to have Gibbs and Duke with me (see last picture)! …

What are we all so frightened of?

Why are we so scared of those who are different?

Why are so many angry at others who don’t look exactly like them, who don’t speak the same language, who aren’t the same sex, shape, size, color, or religion?

When did being different automatically become being wrong?

Are people so insecure that they must put others down for being different in order to feel good about themselves?

Two women attack a mother & daughter for speaking Spanish.

A Black man is gunned down in circumstances where a White man likely wouldn’t be.


I’ve written many articles on communication, largely because I’m so often surprised at how we think we’ve communicated … but haven’t. About how often we said “A,” and the other person heard “B.”

Many of us know the famous percentages of belief, especially when the message given doesn’t seem to add up, doesn’t seem quite right, when it’s what’s called a “mixed message”:

In a mixed message, words account for roughly 10% of our belief at that time, tone of voice for about 35%, and nonverbal actions for about 55%.

Wow. No wonder we’re often unsure, especially when someone’s actions…

Yup, I guess so. But I still laugh to myself and probably always will … When did I become an editor? Oh, right. When a good friend — Sandra Elaine Scott — asked me to help her in 2011 with a book she’d written about her beloved mother (In Memory of a Saint).

Back then, I was just Susan, the Grammar Goddess, helping a friend, not an editor. Trust me. The thought never crossed my mind.

But a few of her books later, and a few mentions that I’d helped her with her books started changing my life. …

…………..………….(Picture info at bottom of article.)………………………..

OK, I know the planet is warming; there’s enough evidence to convince me. Our December and January were way above average recently, and although I love the relative warmth we had, it’s more than a little scary.

So, of course, what do I focus on this Friday? FREEZING air! Seriously frigid air out there. Brrrrr. So glad I don’t have to actually walk my dogs; they do their business in a fenced area and I just go clean it up.

And I love knowing that you often are eager to see what’s up with…

I read an excellent short post by Bruce Kasanoff (Am I Doing Enough Good?) this morning about doing enough good for others.

His premise was that there are all kinds of good works, and he wasn’t sure that some of his actions were “good” enough.

Funny how those who do so much for others so often question themselves (eyes on you, Bruce!).

But what is “enough good,” anyway?

Are we sometimes judging ourselves too harshly?

Do we ever give up, thinking that one person can’t make a significant change in the world?

But if we take a minute to reflect…

Susan Rooks

The Grammar Goddess | Editor | Corporate Educator Cruciverbalist | Happy Woman | Let me find and fix your typos before you publish. | www.GrammarGoddess.com

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